What Our Customers Are Asking

Where does the boat depart from?

Our boats are located, depart and return to the Port Zante Marina.


Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept Visa and MasterCard.

What paperwork will I need to fill out?
Certified diver will need to sign Liability. Student divers will need to sign a liability & Medical.
Does that boat have a restroom?

Yes, we have a marine head on board.

Do you provide transportation?

Yes, from all the hotels in the Frigate Bay area, cruise ship guest we can meet you at the arrival courtyard but because there can be hundreds and sometimes thousands of people there that can be difficult, it will be easier and faster if you walk to the marina which is literally less than two minutes from the arrival courtyard, instructions and boat description will be given at booking or marina security can direct you to us.

Is rental gear all included in price?

Yes, all rental setup includes all gear the dive will need, that includes wetsuit & computer.

What kind of safety equipment is on board?

The boat is equipped with life vest, life ring, fire extinguisher, and VHF radio. We also have First Aid and DAN Emergency oxygen onboard; we also carry vinegar for minor stings or burns.

Is it difficult to get off and on the boat?

Our boat has a flat deck from which we do a giant stride entry, we have stepladder with handrail to get back onboard, they are the easiest ladder on the island.

Do you have a camera rinse?

Yes, we have a large rinse for big and camera setup.

Where do I wash my gear?

Upon return to the marina fresh water is available there to wash, there marina also full restroom with showers.

Does that boat have shade?

Yes, half of the boat is covered.

How far away is the dive site?

We only dive on the Caribbean side of the island; dive sites are 10-30 minutes away.


What is the visibility like?

Obviously that varies at different sites and is based on conditions, but we typically enjoy 50-100ft of visibility in normal condition.

What is the water temperature?

Summer water temp is in the mid 80s and in the winter water temp is in the high 70s 80 degrees. We carry a full line of short 3mm wetsuit which is good for most divers year round, however some people prefer a full suit, you will have to bring your own full suit.

Do you have strong currents?

Because we dive on the Caribbean side of the island most of the sites and protected, however some site are in open areas and will have a mild to moderate current, more info can be found on our dive site info page.


Do you have descent lines for the dives?

Yes, we have two-drop lines on every dive.

Are the dives guided?

Yes, PADI Instructors or Dive Masters guides all dives.

How long is the dive?

This varies from dive to dive, dive profile is set for each dive and we ask that you follow them as we try NOT to do decompression diving. However we typically do like 40-50 minutes on most dives.

Can I wear gloves?

Yes, as long as it’s for warmth and not touching, we try to minimize our footprint on the environment.

Can I stow my gear on the boat or the shop?

Yes, after diving our staff will wash, dry and stow your gear and have it ready for you on your next dive.

Do I need to dive consecutive days on the dive package?

No, you can skip days and still get the package rate.

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