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A Mix of Reefs, Wrecks And Abundance of Wildlife

M/V Corinthian

Depth: 30 to 70ft/10 to 21m

The M/V Corinthian (tug boat) sank in 1995 in 65ft of water, mostly intact, sits upright and has black coral trees and clams growing on it.  This wreck sits off a reef system that tops off at 35ft and is great for beginners and advanced divers as a first or second dive.

MC River Taw

Depth: 40ft/12m

The River Taw is a 144ft freighter that sunk in 1981, and in 1989, was ripped in half by Hurricane Hugo. The wreck sits on a sandy bottom surrounded by sea grass and rubble from construction of Port Zante.  Off to one side of the wreck in the grass lies the remains of a van and a bulldozer. This is a popular dive site for all experience levels and is great for photography. Turtles, eels, octopus, porcupine fish and sting rays are residents of the area.

M/V Talata

Depth: 50 to 75ft/15 to 24m

This freighter sits upright outside Basseterre harbor surrounded by coral reef. Due to her location she has taken heavy fire from surges caused by hurricanes and bad weather over the years that she has been truly “wrecked”. You will the wreck teeming with life from creole wrasse, sergeant majors, trumpet fish, moray eels and a friendly hawksbill turtle has claimed the wreck her home.

Coconut Reef

Depth: 40 to 80ft/12 to 24m

Another pristine reef that sits about 2 miles offshore. Starts off flat on top and drops off slowly. Great for a second dive. One is likely to see barracuda, horse eye jacks, creole wrasse, green moray eels, nurse sharks, reef sharks and occasionally turtles.

Camps Reef

Depth: 40 to 60ft/12 to 18m

This reef dive sits off Camps parish (hence the name). This is a colourful reef dive with sandy edges where sting rays like to bury in the sand. There are lots of nooks and crannies for lobster, porcupine fish and the occasional nurse shark. There is also a small hydrothermal vent which heats surrounding water (great for warming your hands mid-dive).

Spanish Anchor

Depth 15 to 36ft/ 5m to 12m

This reef is located in-between Timothy beach and Bird Rock. It is a brilliantly colourful shallow reef with large boulders, overhangs and surrounded by grass and sand on the outer edge where one can find green and hawksbill turtles, sting rays and eagle rays foraging. Frogfish, scorpion fish and seahorses have also been found. Close to the mooring line lies an 18th Century anchor which leans against a massive boulder and has become one with the reef.

Monkey Shoals (The Donut)

Depth: 30 to 45ft/10 to 14m

This site is situated between St. Kitts and Nevis about 3 miles offshore. The mooring is attached to a circular section of reef that is surrounded by a narrow sand channel (donut) which in turn leads to another section of reef that goes on for ages. Bottom time here is unlimited due to shallowness of dive and nurse sharks and lobsters love to hide under the many ledges found here.

Ocean’s Paradise

Depth: 50 to 130ft/15 to 40m

Along the same reef chain as The Rock, Oceans paradise is another great shark/reef dive. This reef has a few sandy spots where one will sometimes find sting rays foraging/buried up in the sand. Lots of big coral heads where moray eels like to hide, plenty of fish including black durgeons, queen trigger fish and barracuda like to play in the blue water. This is an excellent first dive.

Old Bay Road Reef

45 to 130ft/14 to 40m

This is a steeply sloping reef that reaches depths over recreational dive limits. Watch your gauge and enjoy exploring this lively reef.

The Hot Tub

Depth: 50 to 100ft/15 to 30m

This reef dive is close to Camps and has a bigger round “hot tub” hydrothermal vent which one can go in (be careful water gets HOT!). Reef consists of lots of large barrel sponges and an assortment of hard and soft corals and lots of fish life, eels like to cruise along the reef in search of their next meal, occasionally eagle rays, southern sting rays and nurse sharks can be found here too.

The Rock

Depth: 50 to 130ft/15 to 40m

This dive is one of St. Kitts best shark dives. Descend onto the lively sloping reef full of gorgonians, fans, corals and sponges and look out for Caribbean reef sharks cruising along the ledge or emerging from the deep.

Brimstone Shallows

Depth: 40 to 130ft/12 to 30m

A gorgeous reef dive with a sloping edge and a sand channel that narrows as you get to the ledge. Swim in the channel and enjoy the coral walls rise and get narrower on either side until you reach the ledge and can go either left or right. Sharks, rays and turtles are sometimes spotted here.

This is only a fraction of the dives KDC have to offer. Please tell us your preferences when booking or when on the boat to allow us to choose the best dive sites possible to suit everyone’s expertise level and help us to help you have an amazing dive experience.

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